Department of Systems Innovation

The Department of Systems Innovation aims at interdisciplinary education and research to train the skilled people who can play an important part in the progress of the current information society with the wide knowledge ranging from device engineering to systems integration. In this department, education and research covering a wide range from hardware technology to systems design and analysis, such as electronics, systems science and mathematical science, are carried out. This department is composed of the Division of Advanced Electronics and Optical Science, the Division of Systems Science and Applied Informatics, the Division of Mathematical Science, and the Division of Mathematical Sciences for Social Systems newly started as an interdisciplinary division.


The Division of Advanced Electronics and Optical Science is mainly devoted to develop novel electronics technology which serves as a base of the developing a high information society. In this division, education and research in advanced technology extending from nanoelectronics to echo-friendly electronics, such as novel solid state devices and processing, functional quantum devices and quantum information, optical and quantum electronics, are carried out.


The Division of Systems Science and Applied Informatics aims to obtain intelligence and high quality functions for rapidly growing and complicated systems. It focuses on the education and research of basic theories and their applications which offer tools for analysis and design of intelligent systems and complicated systems, where human beings play important roles, by integrating system theory, information processing, media, sensing, and robotics technologies.


The Division of Mathematical Science carries out training and research in order to understand practical phenomena which occur in the fields of natural science, social science, technology, medical science and so on. The methodologies are concocted by constructing mathematical models, analyzing them, diagnosing the models and reanalyzing them based on the recent development of computer hardware and software. The Division of Mathematical Sciences for Social Systems is concerned mainly with research and education in advanced mathematical approaches to analyze and design complicated social systems, such as financial economics and networked society by integrating stochastic analysis, statistical inference and decision theory, systems theory, and operations research.

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