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Cybernetic Body and Senses Augmentation

- Smart projection enriches QOL -

Prof. Kosuke Sato, Assoc. Prof. Daisuke Iwai, Assis. Prof. Haruka Matsukura, Assis. Prof. Parinya Pu

Basically a projector is a device that projects video contents onto a flat screen. "Projection mapping" is a technique that allows the projector to freely change its shape and appearance by projecting various CG images on real buildings or 3D objects. While the our research group have been studying ...

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Invisibility Cloaks and Metamaterials


The light can bend in the vicinity of a planet with a massive amount of mass in the space. According to the relativity theory, this phenomenon is due to the fact that the coordinate systems around the planet is transformed by its gravity. If we could arbitrary transform the coordinate system around ...

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Bubbles and physics in a glass of drink

Professor Sugiyama Research Group

Bubbles in sparkling drinks such as carbonated water and beer carry sensory flavour and mouthfeel. Upon watching a glass of drinks, we observe multi-scale physical phenomena involved therein. In a soda poured, bubbles of carbon dioxide gas are produced from tiny "scratches" at the glass wall. The bu...

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