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Advisement Office for International Student in the Department of Engineering Science




This office was established in 1994 for international students mainly. The functionality has been developing thanks to the understanding and the cooperation by a lot of department staff members, local volunteers and related people. We provide information about campus life, daily life, and study guide. Meeting space, laptop computers, printers, DVD facility, traditional Japanese games and goods are available in our office. Not only international students but also overseas researchers, their families and Japanese students are welcomed. We hope that you would take advantage of our office to make your campus life more comfortable

Open:  11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekday basically
Place:  Building A 3rd floor (A325)
Chief:  Professor Shigenobu OGATA  (Division of Mechanical Engineering)
Vice-chief:  Associate Professor Etsuo KUMAGAI (Division of Mathematical Science for Social Systems)
Staff member:  Ms. Emiko TASAKA

Support Office for International Student and Scholars

The Support Office offers assistance to international students and scholars on visa procedures, accommodation, and other required information prior to their arrival in Japan. The primary goal of the Support Office is to help make the life of our international students and scholars easier and more comfortable, so that they can concentrate fully on their academic activities throughout the duration of their stay in Japan.

1-1 Yamadaoka,Suita,Osaka 565-0871,
JAPAN Support Office for International Students and Scholars,Osaka University

Number of Foreign Rsearchers FY2013

Asia 20 44.4
Middle East 3 6.7
Africa 1 2.2
Oceania 4 9
North America 1 2.2
Latin America 1 2.2
Europe 15 33.3
Total 45 100

Number of Graduate Students Going Abroad FY2013

Asia 1 3.7
Europe 11 40.7
North America 15 55.6
Oceania 0 0
Total 27 100
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